Taapsee Pannu gave a befitting reply to those who taunted on the pretext of ‘Haseen Dillruba’

New Delhi: Taapsee Pannu and writer Kanika Dhillon have openly spoken about the negative reviews of the film ‘Haseen Dilruba’. The actress said during a conversation that amidst these criticisms, she is also being praised a lot. Directed by Vinil Mathew, ‘Haseen Dilruba’ was released on Netflix on July 2. The film also stars Vikrant Massey and Harshvardhan Rane. Both Taapsee and Kanika have lodged their objection to the criticism the film has received. The film depicts bad relationships and domestic violence.

Taapsee Pannu said in an interview to The Quint, ‘Discussion is good, debate is good, but it should be in the tone of debate and one should not try to taunt the other person with cunning. Who are you to tell that this is wrong? You are the spectator. You tell what you got wrong about the film, but keep it as your personal point of view. Don’t misuse the power given to you to influence thousands of people, because when I step out to do a film as an actress, I keep my personal opinion aside on an issue.’

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The film’s writer Kanika Dhillon said, ‘It is good to have a debate on the glorification of domestic violence and the anti-feminist stand, because we are all on the same side. You do not own the copyright of what is feminism and what is gender politics. We are on the same side, but we have different interpretations of things. If someone puts forth his opinion without any cunning. I don’t do this with the intention of humiliating anyone, so I can accept it, read it, think about it. Because sometimes in art, what you want to appear does not reach others. If you come back to say that my analysis is absolutely wrong and yours is absolutely correct, I will object to it. Kanika believes that she has a better understanding of gender politics.

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