7th pay commission: Relief to central employees, now it is easy to claim LTC, know details

New Delhi. There is a relief news for the central employees. The government has taken an important step to help those whose financial condition has deteriorated due to coronavirus infection. The government has simplified the rules related to LTC (Leave Travel Concession) of central employees. The benefit of this will also be available to those employees who could not claim their LTC till 31 May 2021. By the way, the last date for claiming LTC was 31 March 2021 only. However, after relaxing the rules, you can still take advantage of LTC exemption by depositing your old bills. But in this the bills should be till 31 March 2021 only.

Actually, the purpose of this exemption of the government was that the central employees who could not claim by depositing their bills due to coronavirus infection, can now claim by depositing the bill.

The central government started this scheme last year.

The government had earlier set its deadline as May 31, 2021 but now it may decide to extend it. Although no deadline has been fixed yet, but central employees can still take advantage of this by submitting bills till 31 March 2021. The central government started this scheme last year. Employees get the benefit of LTC twice every 4 years. In this, you can roam with the family and claim its tickets.

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Earlier only two options were available

Under the system of government, employees used to have two options earlier. The first is that they travel and spend. This included the cost of hotel, food etc. They had another option that if they did not claim within the stipulated date, they would not be able to get the benefit of this scheme. But, now these employees have been given a third option. That is, employees can use this amount for any other expense other than travel. In the current era of the Kovid-19 epidemic, the government has offered this option in view of the risk of infection during travel.

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