Cream does not come out at home, so adopt this typical desi method, you will definitely see the difference

How to make Ghee At Home: In the era of corona epidemic, everyone is doing various experiments in the kitchen of the house. Not only this, people are also doing a lot of work in the kitchen these days to try out many new things. One such thing is homemade ghee. Yes, people are trying to extract ghee at home with the help of YouTube, but sometimes it happens that you are able to extract very little ghee from the cream of a week. Actually, the reason for this may be some deficiency in your method. In such a situation, if you keep some basic and important things in mind while extracting ghee, then you will also be able to extract more ghee from cream next time. So let us tell you here that whenever you want to extract ghee from cream, what are the things you will keep in mind so that there is never any problem in extracting ghee and more quantity of ghee comes out. So let’s know what are those tips.

On the day when the ghee is to be removed from the cream, take it out from the freezer and put it in the mixer only when the cream becomes soft.

Whenever the cream is put in the mixer, churn it by adding a little water.

You can also churn by hand but it takes a lot of time.

Keep the butter that comes out after churning separately.

After this put the butter in the pan and cook in high flame for two minutes but after that slow down the flame.

When the butter starts separating from the ghee, put half a teaspoon of sugar in it.
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When the cream starts looking very different from the ghee, then put a spoonful of flour in it and add 2 pinches of salt. By doing this, the ghee will start separating rapidly. Keep stirring it on low flame.

When the butter turns pink and the ghee comes out, then sieve it with a sieve while it is hot.

If you want, you can also remove the ghee by filtering it with a fine thin cotton cloth.

You keep it in a glass jar instead of a plastic jar.

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