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New Delhi. If you are thinking of earning from the share market, you can invest money in Chinese stocks ie Sugar Stocks. On Friday, many Chinese stocks crossed the upper circuit limit. According to industry experts, in the coming months, sugar prices are expected to increase by Rs 36-37 per kg. Let us tell you that if the price of sugar increases, then it will also affect the price of sugar shares and the price of sugar shares will also increase. Let us tell you that in the last 1-2 months, investors have got more than 100% profit from Chinese stocks. According to market experts, there is a possibility of giving returns of up to 52% in the future.

4 times faster in four months
Domestic brokerage firm ICICI Securities reiterated a positive trend on the Chinese sector in a report. According to the brokerage firm, Chinese stocks have seen a 2-4 times increase in four months. Let us tell you that a report has been issued on the shares of Chinese companies. 6 companies have been included in this. According to this report, the price of Balrampur Chini is currently Rs 344. This share can go up to Rs 515. It can give returns up to 52%. The share price of Dalmia Bharat is currently Rs 467 and it can go up to Rs 650. This means you will get a profit of 42%. At the same time, the share price of Triveni Engineering is Rs 199. It can go up to Rs 270 in the coming month. There will be a benefit of 38% in this.

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Know the reasons for the increase in share price
According to experts, the reason for the rise in Chinese stocks is structural growth. This is because the government has rapidly implemented the ethanol blending program. In such a situation, the brokerage house believes that the sugar industry can manufacture more than 6 million tonnes of sugar every year. The brokerage house believes that this will increase the income of Chinese companies.

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