Follow these night hair care tips to beautify your hair

Night Hair Care Tips: To maintain the beauty and health of hair, it is necessary to take care of them in the day as much as it is necessary in the night. But there will be very few people who are able to take out time for hair care at night. Whereas it is very important to adopt night hair care tips to keep the hair silky, shiny and healthy. Let us know what you should do at night to take care of your hair.

Need to detangle hair at night

For the health and beauty of the hair, it is important to detangle the hair before sleeping at night. With this, your hair will not stick to each other and due to this the natural oil present in the scalp will be easily accessible from root to tip. It would be better if you use a wide-toothed comb or hair brush to detangle the hair. This will prevent hair breakage.

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Massage is also important

It is also important to massage the scalp before sleeping to maintain hair growth, health and beauty. This will improve blood circulation in the scalp, which will not only improve hair growth and health, but also reduce stress and sleep better. Therefore, massage your head every night before sleeping. If you use a good oil for massage, it will be even better. With this, the oil will work to nourish and strengthen the hair by staying in the hair overnight.

don’t sleep with wet hair

Some people have a habit of taking a shower before going to sleep at night but they fall asleep even though their hair is wet. You should avoid this as it increases the problem of hair breakage. Due to the wetness of the hair, their roots become loose. Because of this, hair breakage starts due to twisting of hair or rubbing on pillow while sleeping.

don’t tie hair tight

Whether your head is wet or dry, never sleep with your hair tied tightly. Many times people sleep by tying their hair tight at night thinking that it makes the hair longer, whereas it is not so. Sleeping with the hair tied tight increases the problem of hair fall. Therefore, always tie the hair loosely before sleeping.

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use silk pillow

It would be better if you use silk pillows instead of cotton pillows while sleeping. With this, there will be no risk of breaking your hair by rubbing it against the pillow while turning or moving the head. Actually, due to the use of cotton pillow, the hair starts becoming more dry, due to which it starts breaking while sleeping.

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