Hallmarking increased the trouble of jewelers, HUID is becoming the biggest problem, know everything– News18 Hindi

New Delhi. Gold hallmarking is now becoming a new problem for the jewelery industry which is already suffering from Corona. The government has made gold hallmarking necessary, but many important aspects are still to be clarified. The biggest problem that has arisen in front of the jewelers is regarding HUID i.e. Hallmarking Unique Identification. What other problems are jewelers facing regarding hallmarking and how much will it affect the consumer. Today I will try to understand here.

Difficulty with hallmarking Hallmarking has created uncertainty in the industry. There is still no clarification from the government on many important aspects of hallmarking. Hallmarking is getting delayed due to HUID process. Old stock needs more cleaning.

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Difficulty with HUID- The biggest problem HUID is facing regarding hallmarking of gold is because HUID is finding it difficult to change the design once it is registered. Because any change in the jewelery will result in re-registration. For which HUID is facing many problems in registering. The load of jewelery from across the country on one website is huge. Due to this, the waiting in the delivery of jewelery is increasing.

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What is HUID? HUID means Hallmarking Unique ID. Every jewelery has a 6 digit UDI number. Tracking of jewelery is easy with HUID. HUID is registered through the website.

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