Indian Railways: Additional coaches being added to trains for the candidates joining Army Recruitment

New Delhi. For the convenience of the passengers (candidates) in view of the army recruitment to be done by Indian Railways in Ajmer, 2 pairs of special trains will be temporarily added in additional 2-2 coaches in addition to the second ordinary class. has decided.

From July 11 to August 02, temporary coaches will be added to these trains in Udaipur City-Jaipur-Udaipur City and Udaipur City-Madar-Udaipur City special trains in both directions.

According to Lieutenant Shashi Kiran, Deputy General Manager (General) and Chief Public Relations Officer of North Western Railway, additional coaches will be added to the following special trains:-

In train number 02991/02992, Udaipur City-Jaipur-Udaipur City Special, temporary increase of 02 Second Ordinary Class coaches is being done from July 11 to August 02. This train service is currently fully reserved.

-Train number 09617/09618, Madar-Udaipur City-Madar Special, is being temporarily increased by 02 second ordinary class coaches from Madar from 11th July to 02nd August and from Udaipur City from 12th July to 03rd August.

Chandigarh-Ajmer Garib Rath Special halt at Gator Jagatpura station ends
Apart from this, the stoppage of train number 09684 Chandigarh-Ajmer Garib Rath Special Rail Service at Gator Jagatpura station is being closed with immediate effect due to operational reasons.

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