Many vaccination centers closed due to lack of corona vaccine in Uttarakhand, people upset

Dehradun. Once again there is a shortage of Corona Vaccine in Uttarakhand. The reason for the lack of vaccine is that the vaccination centers have had to be closed. On the roads of the state, posters promoting free vaccine are teasing the public. Because almost all the vaccination centers are in the same condition. The condition of the vaccination centers of Haldwani, the largest city of Kumaon, is such that vaccine is not being administered here in the name of holiday. Whereas the reality is that there is no vaccine here and people are getting upset.

According to government records, about 39 lakh people in the state have got the first dose of the vaccine. Whereas only 10 lakh people have got the second dose. In such a situation, due to the lack of vaccine, those people who are selflessly engaged in the service of the people are also compelled. Because even they do not know when the vaccine will come.

In fact, the districts have not been able to get the Kovishield vaccine, due to which people are not getting the vaccination of Kovishield, especially people are getting more worried about applying the second dose.

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