Meena Kumari was the tragedy queen while Nimmi was the sacrificing queen, used to communicate with big eyes

Mumbai. Nawab Bano aka Nimmi of the 1950s to 1960s was a successful actress of the bygone era. In the early films, people flocked to see the impeccable performance of a bubbly, naughty, naive girl from the village. After this, the directors paid attention to the expression of pain emerging according to the scene on his face full of expressions. After this, he started giving her the role of the sacrificing heroine. With moist eyes, painful smile, speaking the dialogue in a sad voice, the audience was blown away by Nimmi. His big beautiful eyes became everyone’s favorite. It was Raj Kapoor who brought Nimmi into the film industry. Nimmi, who stepped into the world of acting with the film ‘Barsaat’, did not look back again.

Famous producer-director Mehboob Khan signed Nimmi for his film ‘Amar’ in 1954. Madhubala was Dilip Kumar’s heroine in this film. In the story of the film ‘Amar’, both Nimmi and Madhubala were important in Dilip Kumar’s life. Dilip Kumar was in the role of a lawyer in this film. This romantic musical film was praised by contemporary and modern critics. The way Nimmi remained an idol of sacrifice for Dilip Kumar in this film regardless of society, forced film critics to consider him the sacrificing queen of the silver screen. After this film, as Meena Kumari was recognized as the tragedy queen, Nimmi was known as the sacrificing queen.

Nimmi was a wonderful actress as well as a melodious singer. In 1951, Kedar Sharma not only acted in the film ‘Bedardi’ but also sang a song. Movies like Kundan, Udan Khatola, Bhai-Bhai and Basant Bahar became super hits one after the other. This tremendous success had taken Nimmi to the pinnacle of success.

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It is said that Nimmi used to choose films of her own free will, she used to do yes with great care. The director used to wait for many days waiting for his yes. Despite the glamor of the film world, she was very simple and simple in her personal life. The star actresses of that era, Saira Banu and Waheeda Rehman were good friends of Nimmi.

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