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New Delhi. After the corona epidemic, new diseases are engulfing people. There are many syndromes born after weakened immunity from Korana and other diseases apart from black fungus etc., which have arisen after the steps taken to avoid corona or to stay safe in this era. Eye disease myopia is one of them.

According to a report, after Corona, a large number of people in China and the Netherlands have received complaints of myopia in their eyes. At the same time, in India also people’s eyes are coming under the grip of this disease myopia i.e. nearsightedness. According to experts, in this era of Kovid, it is most important to protect the eyes of adults as well as children. If attention is not given in time, then there will be a problem of vision on a large scale.

Professor Dr. Atul Kumar in Dr. Rajendra Prasad Center for Ophthalmic Sciences of All India Institute of Medical Sciences says that the complaints of myopia have increased among the people of India as compared to the time before corona. One of the reasons for this is people staying in homes and using digital devices and virtual activity for a very long time after the arrival of Corona.

Professor Atul says that by focusing on one thing continuously and for a long time, the complaint of myopia arises in the eyes. Gradually the vision becomes so narrow that only very close things are clearly visible. It is not limited to vision only, but its side effects are so much that apart from bleeding from the eyes, it can eventually lead to eyesight. So there is a need to be very careful.

If seen after corona, then children’s eyes are suffering a lot. Due to staying at home, studying online for many hours and not being able to go out, only running mobile phone, laptop or tablet etc. in indoor activities is causing problems in the eyes. Myopia in a way affects the ability to see far away. In this, the nearby things are well visible but the distant vision gradually becomes blurred.

Symptoms of myopia in the eyes, these can be problems

There are many problems with the eyes in myopia. These are its symptoms.

. dry eyes

. Bleeding from eyes

. blurred vision

. Eye pain.

. Not seeing distant things clearly.

blue light blowing sleep

More and more use of electronic devices is having a bad effect on the eyes. Blue light emitted from mobile phones, tablets, TVs or any other device affects the eyesight as well as causes dryness in the eyes. Along with this, it is also affecting the sleep of the children. Even if a child or elder uses the phone in the evening or till night, then he will have problem in falling asleep. Along with sleep disorder, it also blurs the vision. So let it have at least an effect on the eyes.

How to save children’s eyes

Experts say that if the eyes of adults and especially children are to be protected from being in the grip of myopia, then they should not be allowed to focus on anything continuously for more than half an hour. Be it a book, a laptop or a mobile device. It is very important that during this time the eyes should be given rest. If the child is studying, then he should be asked to close his eyes in between or go out and look far. Ask to wash the eyes with water. Along with this, regular checkup of children’s eyes should also be done. So that one can be alert about any disease in advance.

This report of myopia has come in China

Since 2020, children are getting more complaints of quarantine myopia in China and the Netherlands. Last year alone, data collected from one lakh 20 thousand school children in China show that there is the highest number of complaints of myopia among children in the age group of six to eight years. Whereas children of this age group did not have this problem earlier. Due to this, the ability of these children to see has been affected to a great extent.

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