Police put clamp lock in a car parked in no parking, angry young man said, take off the uniform and then tell me, I will rip you off, know the whole matter

New Delhi. If you do arbitrariness by not following the rules and if the police take action, then flare up on the police. Such cases keep coming to the fore every day. The latest case has come to light from Mira Road in Mumbai where a man threatened to rip off a traffic policeman just because the traffic policeman told him to take challan action by clamping the tire of the car parked in the no parking zone. Whatever happened after this, the people present there made a video of it and updated it in social, which also became viral. A video of the incident is going viral on social media, in which a traffic cop in Thane is seen shouting and abusing a couple when wheel clamps are installed in a car parked in a no-parking area. The husband and wife got into a fight with the policeman. This incident is being told of Mira Road area of ​​Thane, adjacent to Mumbai. In the video, accused couple Amar Singh and his wife Meena Singh are seen misbehaving with the constable and threatening him. However, in another video, the accused can be seen crying in the lockup.

it was the whole matter

According to the report, this incident is of July 8. The couple had parked their car in the no-parking zone of Mira Road. The traffic policeman on duty in the area was preparing to pick up the vehicle. The policeman had fitted the wheel clamp in the car that the couple had dripped there. As soon as he came there, the young man started calling the policeman good and bad.

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police registered a case

The wife present with the husband was also very aggressive. When the traffic constable locked the wheels of the car, Amar threatened to tear his uniform. Amar Singh is shouting that I will rip it from the middle, take off the uniform and then tell. The policeman patiently listened to the threat of the car owner and later lodged a case and sent him to lock-up. After the video went viral, a case has been registered against the couple for misbehaving with the policeman on duty.

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The man was later seen crying in the lockup

In another video, the accused can be seen sitting on the floor with tears in his eyes in the police lock-up. In the second video, it is seen that the policeman has arrested the car driver who committed the hooliganism and has been locked in the lockup. In the lockup, he is crying with his head bowed and the arrogant car driver is standing near the policeman and apologizing.

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