Such was the condition of Amitabh Bachchan on Dilip Kumar’s grave, say- ‘His eyes, moves, words are all…’

RIP Dilip Kumar: This iconic dialogue from Dilip Kumar’s film ‘Mashal’ fits well on everyone’s life. Dilip sahib is not in the world, but his memories have moistened the eyes of his fans and close ones. Along with Bollywood’s ‘Heman’ Dharmendra, the megastar of the century Amitabh Bachchan is also unable to forget his memories. Recently, in his blog, he has mentioned the moment with his emotions, when he was bidding him farewell for the last time near his grave. Along with this, Big B told that when he saw Dilip Kumar on the screen for the first time and how his eyes were stunned when he met him face to face for the first time.

Amitabh Bachchan has cherished his old memories with Dilip Kumar in his blog. He has mentioned his first meeting with the tragedy king, autograph book, his performance on screen, etc. in his blog.

it was the first meeting
Amitabh has written, ‘When I saw Dilip Kumar on screen for the first time and when I met him face to face for the first time, my eyes were dazzled. For a moment as if it had stopped. He further wrote- ‘The name that was being heard all around, it suddenly took shape, while on the screen in front of me.. big and in black and white color… That name, that scene comes to mind again and again. .. Dilip Kumar… there was something in his presence… when he came on screen everything else became blurred… when he spoke everything seemed right, totally agreed with his words and then you Coming back home packing it all up… and it stays with you, always.’

Even today autograph book is empty
Amitabh Bachchan also mentioned this on the blog when he came to take autographs with full enthusiasm for the first time. He wrote- ‘After that shivering excitement and much deliberation, I decided to go up to him and get his autograph.. but I didn’t have any autograph book.. I went back to the road, bought a book from there and Reached inside the restaurant again. Relieved that he was still there… went to him… he was busy in conversation… I spoke normally and passed the book on… no reaction came… he spoke to me Didn’t look at me or at my book… after a while he got up and went out the door… that autograph book is still in my hands and empty..

His eyes, movements, words are all…
When Dilip Kumar was on the screen, he used to make the character young with his performance. Sharing his thoughts on his performance, Amitabh Bachchan said, “You can’t find a flaw in his performance on screen or even in his behavior in public life… His eyes, his way of walking, his every move, his every word. Were like a poem… Graph and tone, their silence was like a blazing fire. Like a train running, there were incoherent expressions of learning in him, the attitude of expressing sorrow.’

Dilip sahib was confined to a small pile of grave
In the blog, Amitabh has also mentioned his last moments. He wrote- ‘I was standing on the earth in front of that pile of soil which was just dug up… Some garlands and flowers are scattered on it and no one around it… He is sleeping under it.. .Peaceful and utterly quiet… This vast presence… This mountain of brilliance… A brilliant creative visionary… This excellence of the best… Param… Now reduced to a small pile of graves is.. he is gone.’

Concluding this blog, he wrote, ‘History will always be there.. Before Dilip Kumar and after Dilip Kumar.. It was always like this.. Now more than ever.’ Let us tell you that Amitabh and Dilip Sahab worked together in the film ‘Shakti’. Dilip Kumar was in the role of father in the film and Amitabh played his son.

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