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Parenting Tips: Taking care of young children is not easy. Along with their health, their food and drink also have to be taken care of. They have to take special care of what to feed and what not. Many times children are given some such things to eat which can become a problem for them at times. Actually, many times the things given to eat are not able to chew and they have trouble swallowing. Therefore, be careful while giving the things that you give to the children to eat, because there are some things that can get stuck in the throat of the children. So it can cause trouble. Therefore, to avoid any such situation, be careful while feeding some things to your children-

Give pieces of fruit too
Do not give fruits whole in the hands of children, rather they should cut them into small pieces so that they do not get stuck in their throat. Small pieces are easier to swallow. Therefore, give them only after cutting the fruit.

Be careful while feeding chocolate
Be careful while feeding toffee and chocolate to children. These things should be fed to your child by breaking them with their hands. Because these things can get stuck in his throat and this situation can be troublesome for the child and you.

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cut these things
Avoid giving things like carrots, radishes to your child, as children often try to swallow large pieces of them. Due to which it can get stuck in his throat. Therefore, feed such things to the children in front of you and cut them into small pieces only.

break the biscuits too
Often we give biscuits to young children to entertain them. But care should be taken while feeding whole biscuits to children. Because sometimes it gets stuck in the throat of children. Therefore, break it into small pieces and feed it yourself or grind it and give it to the children to eat.

feed popcorn like this
Similarly, do not give popcorn to your young children. There is also a risk of it getting stuck in the food pipe. In such a situation, feed the popcorn only after breaking it. Also, do not talk to the child while eating. Otherwise, what he is eating will be in danger of getting stuck in his throat.

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take these precautions

At the same time, keep in mind that do not keep such things around your child that he tries to swallow. Like many times things like buttons, coins etc. get in the hands of children and they swallow them. This creates trouble. So keep these things out of reach of your children.

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