Historic victory for PM Abi Ahmed’s party in Ethiopia | ethiopias-ruling-party-gets-massive-victory-in-national-election nodtg– News18

Addis Ababa. Ethiopia’s ruling Prosperity Party declared a historic victory in last month’s national elections, ensuring Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed would remain in power for five more years. Ethiopia’s national election board said the ruling party won 410 of the 436 seats in the federal parliament. Several other seats remained vacant due to non-polling of constituencies due to unrest or logistical reasons. Ethiopia’s new government could be formed in October. The election was a major test for Abi, who came to power in 2018 when the former prime minister resigned amid widespread protests.

Abi’s regime saw many political reforms and won him the Nobel Peace Prize, but critics say he is holding back political and media freedom. Abi was criticized internationally for his handling of the conflict in the Tigra region.

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Polling in June was postponed twice earlier due to the Kovid-19 global pandemic and logistical problems. The elections were largely peaceful but opposition parties alleged harassment and intimidation. Voting was not conducted in Tigre area.

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