Kumar Gaurav created panic on the screen with ‘Love Story’, now he does business. Bollywood birthday kumar gaurav is son of rajendra kumar pr– News18 Hindi

Mumbai: Kumar Gaurav, son of Bollywood legend actor Rajendra Kumar, was born on 11 July 1960 in Lucknow. Girls used to die in those days on the chocolatey face of Kumar Gaurav. People have not been able to forget Kumar Gaurav’s ‘Love Story’, ‘Naam’ even today. Rajendra Kumar launched his son from ‘Love Story’. Apart from this, Kumar gave hit films like ‘Teri Kasam’, ‘Star’, ‘Kaante’. The actor, who became a hit from his first film, was so disillusioned with films that he completely got away from the industry.

If there is no mention of Kumar Gaurav’s superhit film ‘Naam’, the story is incomplete. Kumar Gaurav did amazing acting in this film. The songs of this film ‘Chitti Aai Hai Aai Hai’ and ‘Tu Kal Chala Jayega’ made people cry a lot in the theatres. This film was produced by Kumar Gaurav and Rajendra Kumar. It is said that the motive behind this was to handle Sanjay Dutt’s career, because during that period Sanjay had become addicted to drugs. Mahesh Bhatt had the idea to make this film, he also directed it.

Kumar Gaurav had a close relationship with Sanjay, so made this film to base his staggering steps. Even before the film was made, Rajendra Kumar had married his son Kumar Gaurav to Sunil Dutt’s daughter and Sanjay Dutt’s sister Namrata Dutt.

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Kumar Gaurav set foot in the film world on the footsteps of his father Rajendra Kumar and earned a good name in a short span of time. Known as a handsome actor, Kumar Gaurav may have been away from films due to some failure, but he is a successful name in the business world. Kumar Gaurav has a travel business in Maldives. Apart from this, they also do construction business and stay away from lime light.

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