Mumbai’s Young Entrepreneur Jatin Chonkar Builds Business With Digital Revolution, Know How To Be Successful– News18 Hindi

New Delhi. Jatin Chonkar, founder of ‘The Indian Ladder’ and ‘Ancient’, has made his business successful by taking advantage of Digital India amid the Corona epidemic. Jatin developed his digital business in the midst of the troublesome difficulties of the epidemic due to his vision and has earned a good name today. In fact, Jatin is scaling new heights in the business of digital marketing through dropshipping e-commerce stores and Ancient Media.

Jatin Chonkar is one of those people who did not wait for the opportunity, but built himself. He is the founder of two digital companies and has successfully authored two books which are currently live on Amazon. Day by day the digital revolution is bringing new developments and Jatin Chonkar is also working tirelessly to bring innovation. Taking all the opportunities presented by the world around him, he proved his amazing and skillful skills.

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Being an expert, he is a role model for those struggling in his field. Even in his work environment, he is the epitome of inspiration and inspiration to those around him. Jatin says that he never thought that he would achieve such a big achievement in such a short time. He has been an amazing inspiration to everyone around the world and till date he is helping many. There is still a lot that this young businessman aims to achieve and is currently focused on building his personal brand as well.

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