The debris suddenly fell on the family sleeping inside the house nodbk– News18

Bageshwar. In Sumgarh of Kapkot in Bageshwar district, the sky disaster has overshadowed a family. Due to debris falling on the house late at night, 3 people are buried inside it for several hours. It is being said that due to being so late, the chances of him being alive are slim. The people of the village are engaged in the rescue, but due to the excessive amount of debris, success is not being achieved in the rescue. The rescue team reached there after several hours due to road closure and pedestrian access.

Disaster officer Shikha said that the road is broken at many places, due to which the rescue team is facing a lot of difficulties in reaching the spot. The rescue team reached the spot and started the rescue operation. Now efforts are being made to rescue the people trapped in the debris. According to the information, the road was lying closed at many places, opening which the rescue team has reached the spot.

The disaster has reminded the incident again
Village head of the village Mangal Rawat says that late night debris came on a house, due to which three people sleeping in the house were buried. One child survived, who informed about the incident. After that the people of the village launched a rescue operation, but other buried people could not be rescued. The administration has been informed. After 8 hours, the rescue team has reached the spot. A decade ago, 18 children had died in this village due to debris in a private school. The incident which shook everyone’s heart. Today again the disaster has reminded the incident of that village.

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