The untold and interesting story behind the Boeing 720 aircraft that has been standing at Nagpur Airport for 24 years

New Delhi. Unwanted guests are always a hassle, especially when they stay longer. Something similar can be said about an aircraft that remained standing at Nagpur airport for the last 24 years. It is a Boeing 720 aircraft that landed at Nagpur airport in 1991 due to an emergency in its engine but could not take off for 24 years. This is the same Boeing 720, the plane that flew commercially for several airlines before reaching private hands, with an interesting story behind it. So know today that untold story.

When did all this start?

A Boeing 720 arrived at Nagpur airport on 21 July 1991. In fact, due to engine problems in the aircraft, permission was sought for emergency landing. The aircraft was then operating as a private jet owned by Continental Aviation Private Limited (CAPL). Typically, such a landing would be accompanied by the dispatch of a repair team to identify and resolve engine problems. This, unfortunately, did not happen. Instead, 720 was abandoned near the runway of Nagpur airport. The aircraft’s presence lasted for months, then years, and it didn’t last until 2015. A case of being stuck in an airplane was registered. While worsening even in the worst case scenario, the situation had gotten worse as it got worse.

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Then the plane got stuck in a legal dispute

After this the Boeing 720 got stuck at Nagpur airport due to a legal dispute. As air traffic increased in the coming decades, aircraft presence became an increasing problem. In 1993, the aircraft was moved barely 90 meters away from the runway, which was much closer than the minimum 150 meters established for obstacles near the runway. This distance is specified to ensure that any aircraft that deviates from the runway does not collide with a large object, posing a serious hazard.

Not removed even after many warnings

According to TOI, after several warnings from the DGCA, the owners of the Nagpur airport refused to shift the jet. This lasted until July 2011, when the DGCA attempted to revoke the airport’s license so that the aircraft could be taken 600 meters from the runway. The plane was owned by Sam Verma, an NRI from America.

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Only one tire was needed to get to the new house

However, it was not until 2015 that the Nagpur airport finally took the long-pending step of shifting the aircraft from its grounds. The director of the new airport eventually decided to move the aircraft and completed the task in just 30 minutes. The Boeing 720 took off from the airport for Nagpur Flying Club on 29 September. After 24 years of sitting on the ground and jeopardizing airport operations, only a new tire was needed to take the plane to its new home.

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