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World Population Day 2021: The population of any country can be useful for it as a human resource, but the continuous uncontrollable population can also become a major cause of trouble for the same country. Illiteracy, unemployment, hunger and poverty are the result of uncontrolled population. There are solutions like family planning to deal with this big problem of increasing population, but due to lack of awareness among people, this problem is not getting rid of and it is increasing continuously. World Population Day (World Population Day 2021) is being celebrated all over the world today to put a brake on the unnecessary and ever-increasing population.

The purpose of celebrating this day is that, every person of the world must pay attention to the increasing population and contribute in controlling the population. On this day many activities are done at the national and international level so that the public can become aware and control the population. In such a situation, with the help of these slogans, make people around you aware.

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When the population is controlled,
Only then will India’s name be in the whole world.

Do not put the burden of increasing population on the earth,
Do not follow this presumption that you will be saved from its consequences.

The world has to be woken up to the problem of increasing population,
This message of progress is to be spread all over the world.

Do not tell children the gift of God,
Do not make fun of nature by increasing the population.

Increasing population will one day become the cause of ruin,
Prevent it by controlling population.

If we do not take population control measures,
So no one will be able to stop the destruction of life on earth.

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