Jackie Chan expressed desire to join China’s ‘Communist Party of China’, told CPC great

New Delhi: Jackie Chan is known worldwide for his action and comedy-rich films. Now they want to taste the power. In fact, he has expressed his desire to join the Communist Party of China in a seminar held in Beijing. This ruling party of China is oppressing democracy supporters in Hong Kong, which the actor supported. Because of this he was also criticized.

According to media reports, Jackie is the vice president of ‘China Film Association’. In the seminar, many people from the Chinese film industry discussed President Xi Jinping’s speech. During this, Jackie had expressed his desire to join the CPC. He said in his speech that CPC is great and it will fulfill its promises not in 100 years but in few decades. Jackie further said that he wants to become a member of the party.

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Jackie Chan had to face criticism from people in 2019. Then he criticized the people who supported democracy in Hong Kong. Let us tell you that the actor has been referring to the greatness of China in his speeches. Once he said, ‘I have been to many countries. Our country has developed very fast. I feel proud to be a citizen of China. According to media reports, China took control of Hong Kong last year by implementing the National Security Act. China had imprisoned the agitators and their leaders, which was widely criticized around the world.

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