Kulagad bridge connecting China border is washed away causing difficulties for local population nodmk8– News18

Pithoragarh. Thousands of people have been imprisoned due to the flowing of the Kulagad Bridge in Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand connecting the China border. The situation has become such that more than six dozen villages of Beas, Darma and Chaudans valley have been completely cut off from the rest of the world. In such a situation, for those who have to move under compulsion, crossing Kulagad is no less than beating death.

Flowing down the river and the movement of ropes up the river. If there is a slight mistake, the person will end up in the mouth of death. After the bridge in Kulagad, people are forced to move like this every day. Some are being transported to their destination with the help of ropes, while some are moving across the river with the help of electric poles.

In Kulagad, the BRO had built the RCC bridge at a cost of 45 crores. But the sky disaster that came on the night of July 8 destroyed the bridge. Ashwin Napalchyal, a resident of Beas Valley, says that people are putting their lives in danger. This bridge was the lifeline of the three valleys of the border. He has requested the administration to build this bridge soon.

In fact, through the bridge of Kulagad, the Darma, Beas and Chaudans valleys adjacent to the China and Nepal border were connected to the rest of the world. Not only this, the movement of ITBP, SSB and army personnel deployed in the security of the border was also done through this bridge. The equipment needed for the soldiers also reached the BOP through the important bridge of Coolagad. But due to the bridge being washed away, everything has stopped where it was. The administration is now planning to build Valley Bridge in Kulagad. ADM Fincharam Chauhan told that Bailey Bridge will be constructed within five to six days. Till then alternative routes are being explored.

Let us tell you that this time the sky disaster has caused more destruction in the border areas. Other bridges and roads have also been grounded in these areas. But the devastation in Kulagad has put the people living in the border in the most trouble. In such a situation, until the Bailey Bridge is not installed, people will be forced to cross, risking their lives.

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