Low weight jewelry like clove, earring and nathni will lose strength, confusion over antique – News18

New Delhi. The central government has implemented new rules on gold hallmarking from June 15. But these rules are silent on old i.e. antique jewellery. Not only this, jewelers want exemption from hallmarking on jewelery up to 5 grams instead of 2 grams.
The All India Gem and Jewelery Domestic Council (GJC), the national apex body of the gem and jewelery industry, has discussed this with the government. GJC president Ashish Pethe told News18 that the current law lacks clarity. Recognizing this, the government has constituted a committee. Pethe says that antique i.e. very old jewelery is a separate business. According to the new rule, new jewelery will have to be made by melting it. In such a situation, its design and antique value will end. They say that many houses, including temples, have this type of jewelery.
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Mirror of Antique Peace Civilization, melting them destroys history
C Vinod Hayagreeva, managing director of C Krishnaiah Chetty, a 150-year-old heritage jewelery house, said old jewellery, some of which are pieces of art and are near temples or inherited by families, are then resold or auctioned. . Now if the new rule is followed, it will be like the destruction of thousands of years of Indian history. While they say that while making rules to maintain high quality with hallmarking on new jewelery is a good move, all old jewelery should not be forced to melt and destroy.
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Only 60 to 65 percent purity is possible in Nathani, Bali
Mumbai Jewelers Association’s Vice President Kumar Jain told News18 that jewelery weighing less than 2 grams is exempted from gold hallmarking in the current rules. Jewelry like long, nathni comes in this jewellery. But their reason is also up to 5 grams. According to him, other valuable gem studded jewelery including nose, earring and diamond can be made only with gold of 60 to 65% purity. In 18 carats it starts breaking. There is a problem in wearing high purity wire in the ear and nose.

Jewelers are demanding this
According to jewelers, 16, 20 and 23 carats also make a large amount of jewelry, so these carats should be brought under the purview of hallmarking. Antique jewelery should be taken out of the purview of hallmarking. Get official clarity on your old stock status. The government has not yet issued a formal notification for other conditions including the HUID seal for hallmarking.
Jewelers with annual turnover up to Rs 40 lakh exempted from mandatory hallmarking
The new rule is effective from June 15. But the government has initially implemented gold hallmarking in 256 districts of the country. Here are the hallmarking centers to check. Not only this, jewelers with annual turnover up to Rs 40 lakh are exempted from mandatory hallmarking. Also, the government will not take action against the traders till August.
Hallmarking is not necessary if you want to sleep on them.
Watches, fountain pens, jewelery like kundan, polki, jadayu are also exempted from hall marking.

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