Nitin Gadkari told people troubled by rising petrol prices, this way, fuel will be available for Rs 60-65

New Delhi: The general public is very upset due to the rising petrol prices every day during the Corona period. Petrol prices have crossed Rs 100 in many cities of the country. Meanwhile, a statement of Nitin Gadkari has come out. In this statement, he has told the general public a way to avoid the burden of expensive petrol. He said that soon we will provide ethanol facility at petrol pumps which will be available at lower rates than petrol and diesel. By using ethanol, you can save at least up to Rs 20 per liter.

He further said that due to the rapidly increasing petrol prices in the country, agitations are taking place in many places and the general public is also facing a lot of trouble. In such a situation, we will give ethanol facility to the people at petrol pumps in the coming days.

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Ethanol will be available at Rs 60-65 per liter
At present, petrol is beyond Rs 100 in many cities of the country. At the same time, customers will get ethanol around Rs 60 to 65 per liter. Along with this, its use will also reduce pollution.

8 lakh crores being spent on imports
The Union Minister said, “We are spending 8 lakh crore rupees on import of petrol-diesel and petroleum products in our economy, which is a big challenge. We have formulated a policy which will make import option cost-effective, pollution-free.” and encourages the development of indigenous ethanol, bio-CNG, LNG and hydrogen fuels.”

Government is working on alternative fuel
Apart from this, the Union Minister said that the government is continuously working on alternative fuels. Regarding flex engines, Shri Gadkari said that a decision regarding making flex engines mandatory for automobile manufacturers, especially four wheelers and two wheelers, would be taken in three months.

He informed that LNG is emerging as the most preferred fuel for long distance transportation across the world. Apart from this, flex engine is already available with many countries like America, Canada and Brazil.

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What is the price of petrol and diesel today
Petrol prices have increased by 28 paise on Monday. At the same time, after a long time, the prices of diesel have seen a decline of 16 paise per liter. Petrol prices in the capital Delhi reached Rs 101.19 per liter on Monday. At the same time, diesel is being sold at Rs 89.72 per liter.

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