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New Delhi. How do India’s millionaires go abroad and settle down easily? This has been disclosed through an international report. The report states that around 254 millionaires in India have used the so-called “golden visa” to shift to the UK. They shift citing huge investments in that country. In fact, a UK-based anti-corruption charity has released a new report on Monday. It has been told in this report that since the route opened in 2008, about 254 millionaires of India have used golden visas to settle in the UK through large investments in the country.

Know what has been said in the report..
According to a report named Red Carpet for Dirty Money, if rich people invest in UK-registered companies through Golden Visa, they get the right to stay in that country. According to the report, if a millionaire invests £2 million in a company there, they get the right to stay in the UK for three years, followed by an extension of two years.

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Earlier it was easier to get this visa
The report also said that individuals who invest £10 million get even more benefits. From indefinite leave to visa holders after a year, they are on a stagnant path to Britain’s prized citizenship. Diamond trader Nirav Modi, who was absconding from India on charges of fraud and money laundering in connection with the Punjab National Bank (PNB) scam, is now fighting extradition to India in the High Court in London, believed to be in the UK. was living in

In 2015 he applied for an investor visa. At that time, there was a much easier route for the super-rich to get the right to live in the UK. Then it was allowed to live there only with an investment of at least 2 million pounds.

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