4 Beauty Trends Of The 90s That Are Re-Making Girls’ First Choice Beauty Trends Which Are Becoming The Choice Of Girls Again After Decades– News18

Beauty Trends : There is a saying in the fashion world that any fashion comes back whether it returns sooner or later. These days something like this is being seen in beauty trends. Then whether it is a special kind of lipstick shade or the rollers used for hair styling. Girls are seen following the old style. It is said that the trend changes every few months or years and it is being seen in this changing trend. In the nineties, there were many such trends that girls followed in the form of beauty tips. After decades, the same old trends are becoming the favorite of today’s girls. So let’s know about those changing beauty trends which used to be the first choice of girls in the nineties.

1. Brown lipstick

Vibrant pink, red, nude, orange color lipsticks were seen in fashion for the last few days, but suddenly coffee color or dark brown lipstick is trending in girls. These days the trend of brown lipstick and brown lip liner is back again and girls are carrying it in every occasion.

2.Hair Roller

Decades ago, girls used a foam roller to make hair waves. Whereas with the changing times, this work started being done with the help of electronic devices. Again a change in the trend is being seen these days. Girls are preferring to make hairstyles with the help of these foam rollers instead of electronic gadgets. The reason for this is believed to be the bad effects on the hair and the side effects of heating tools.

3.Flavored Lip Balm

Flavored lip balm was very popular among girls three to four decades ago. She used to carry them in her school bag or college purse. Whereas along with fashion came the era of tinted lipstick and the craze of lipstick was shown in girls. These days the old lip balm is in fashion again. Actually, these balms keep the lips smooth and do not allow dryness to come. Because of which girls are preferring to use lip balm at workplace.

4. Fabric rubber bands for hair

Actually, rubber bands made of cloth do not harm the hair in any way and their use did not break the hair. In such a situation, three to four decades ago, girls used to make matching bands at home. But with the passage of time such bands disappeared from the market. But due to the increase in demand, these days they have started appearing in the market again.

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