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New Delhi. Baba Ramdev expressed happiness over the turnover of Patanjali Group crossing Rs 30 thousand crore and said that his aim is to advance Swadeshi and break the monopoly of foreign companies. He said that 500 scientists and professionals work in his company. Ramdev also urged the government to reduce the prices of petrol and diesel.

In a special conversation with News18, Ramdev said that basic work is done by motivation. That is, the business goes on. He said that there are people in his company getting salary of 25 thousand to 2.5 crores. He said that earlier he used to work in America, now he is doing it here. We gave tough competition to foreign companies and if we keep working with the same zeal, things will automatically move forward.

On the question of Kavad Yatra, Baba Ramdev said, ‘I believe that there should be a limited amount of Kavad Yatra. Must be accompanied by discipline. Everything is open. On the question of population policy, Ramdev said that population control is necessary. It should be stopped with the stick of self-discipline and governance. Ignorance leads to population growth. Two kids are fine. At this time the country needs to insist. Right now, 20 crore people in the country do not have a pass. Population control is necessary. In other countries the population is less.

On inflation and rising petrol prices, Baba Ramdev said that petrol prices should be reduced. A little tax should be levied. The government should increase the price of petrol and diesel. This government is a sensitive government.

When asked how you have learned to run a business, Baba Ramdev said that work teaches work. Man should work honestly and fulfill his responsibility. When asked whether he should now be called a business guru, Ramdev said that you cannot call me a business guru. He said that the original soul is in yoga itself. You can call me motivational guru. He said that his aim is never to show the business in the wrong light. Business man work with skill. Patanjali’s work will be done with Parmarth. Our work is for the welfare of the world. He said that the world is watching how Yogi is working.

Baba Ramdev told that Ruchi Soya company is coming with IPO. He also told that many products of Patanjali are coming. On the question of when Patanjali’s IPO will come, Ramdev said that he will tell about it later. He said that his USP is self-reliance and Swadeshi. On the question of Patanjali’s transport company, he said that when there was silence everywhere in Kovid, the big company was stunned. If we do then what should we do… We have many trucks. Delivered the product to the people. He said, ‘We have also set up an IT company. The work is being done on real time.

On coronil medicine, he said that we have made 5 lakh kits in a day. He said that corona does damage by entering the body. Ramdev said that we have increased the immunity of people by feeding coronil. The whole country should do yoga every morning, consume Giloy, Tulsi and Anu oil. Everything will be fine.

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