how to relieve skin burn by home remedies

Home Remedies For Skin Burn: People often get skin burns while cooking in the kitchen, steam from the cooker, tea, touching their hands on a hot griddle or sprinkling hot oil. So at the same time getting burnt while using electrical equipment like hot heater, immersion rod or statner is also a common problem. But if it is not treated in time, then this problem becomes big. Sometimes due to burns, blisters also occur in the skin, in which water gets filled. When they burst and when the burnt skin comes off from them, then the problem becomes even bigger. In such a situation, in case of burns of the skin, it would be right to adopt such home remedies immediately so that the problem does not increase much, let us tell you.

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wash with water or apply ice

The first thing to do on burns is to wash the burnt skin with cold water. This reduces the risk of infection to a great extent. You can also use ice to reduce irritation, but do not apply ice directly on the skin, wrap it in a cloth and use ice. If you want, you can also take help of ice pack instead of ice.

apply coconut oil

After washing with water, dry the skin with light hands and apply coconut oil on the burn area. This will not only help in reducing the irritation, but also help in the quick healing of the wound due to its anti-oxidant and anti-fungal properties.

use honey

You can also use honey on the burn area for skin burns. This also reduces the risk of infection. Honey has anti-infection, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and wound-healing properties. The wound heals quickly by using it.

use raw potatoes

After burning of the skin, the problem of burning and blisters on it is very troublesome. To reduce this problem, you can take the help of potatoes. For this, cut the potato from the middle on the burnt area and rub it on the skin with light hands. If you want, you can extract the juice of potatoes and apply it on the burn area. This will reduce irritation and prevent blisters.

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apply aloe vera

If the skin burns, dry it after washing it with water and use aloe vera gel on it. If you have aloe vera plant in your house, then cut it fresh and take out its pulp. Then rub it on the skin with light hands. This will also give a feeling of coolness on the skin and will also remove the problem of irritation. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions. Hindi news18 does not confirm them. Before applying these, consult the concerned expert. Contact.)

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