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Mix These Things In Yoghurt And Stay Away From Diseases: Curd is an important food item in the Indian plate. It is rich in calcium, protein and vitamins which are very important for a healthy body. Lactose, iron and phosphorus are also found in it, which takes it in the category of super food. We also use it to overcome many problems like indifference etc. But if we use some things by mixing it with yogurt, then many problems related to health can be overcome. Here we are telling you how and with what things you should use curd so that it becomes more beneficial.

If you use this way, you will get more benefit

1. with cumin

If the weight has increased and want to reduce, then you eat curd mixed with cumin. After roasting cumin seeds and grinding it lightly, mix it in curd and drink a glass daily.

2. with honey

If you get blisters in the mouth, then you eat a spoonful of honey mixed with curd. It has anti bacterial properties which help in wound healing. Apart from this, it also cools the stomach.

3.With sugar

If you like to eat curd and sugar, then the problem of phlegm is removed. Along with this, the body gets instant energy.

4. With Rock Salt

If there is a problem of acidity, then eat it by mixing rock salt in curd. It balances the acid level in the body and benefits in acidity.

5.With Nuts

You can also eat dry fruits mixed with curd. This will give you enough energy and you will also be able to lose weight.

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6. With Bananas

If you want to burn the fat stored in the body, then you should eat banana mixed with curd. By eating these two together, fat burns and cholesterol is also reduced. Heart related problems are also prevented.

7. With Celery

If someone has a toothache, then mix curd and celery together and eat it. This helps in relieving toothache.

8.with black pepper

If you have the problem of constipation, then you can eat curd mixed with black pepper. Probiotic bacteria in curd and piperine present in black pepper are effective in relieving constipation. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. English news18 does not confirm these. Please contact the concerned specialist first.)

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