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Dehradun. These days, with the change of weather and the infection of corona decreasing somewhat, the number of tourists in the plains of Uttarakhand is increasing rapidly. But with this a big problem has surrounded it. Some tourists coming here are becoming a big problem for the local people as well as other tourists. These tourists drink alcohol in the open, play obscene songs and harass other people. Disturbed by this, some local youth have now started a campaign against such people. The name of the campaign is Roko Toko. A video related to this campaign is going viral on social media these days.

Put the cars and start the party
Something similar was seen in Chakrata located near Dehradun. Here some people put their vehicles and started drinking alcohol by laying sheets comfortably on the ground. These people also brought complete items of food and drink with them. Meanwhile, youths associated with the Roko Toko campaign reached here and forbade them to do so. But there was no effect on them and they kept drinking alcohol comfortably. After coming to know about the making of the video, one of the alcoholics started enjoying his alcohol while smoking a cigarette comfortably. Then after threatening to call the police and asking to stop the arrival of tourists, these people agreed to leave from here.

what is roko toko campaign
The Roko Toko campaign has been started by the local youth to teach a lesson to the tourists and others who are spoiling the environment of the litigants. Arvind Joshi, Dinesh Chauhan, Vipin Tomar, Vipin Doval and other youths together have started this campaign. Under this campaign, these youths explain in a very dignified way to tourists or other people doing anything wrong in the plaintiffs. If they do not agree, then their video is made and it is made public through social media and other means. During this, the help of the police is also taken in some cases.

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