UDAN scheme will be promoted and airport will be developed on priority basis,– News18 Hindi

New Delhi. After the command of the Ministry of Civil Aviation comes in new hands, the priority of the ministry is to provide more facilities to the common people. Therefore, under the UDAN scheme, more and more small cities have to be connected by air. Flights will be run on the routes identified earlier. Apart from this, 100 airports fixed earlier have to be developed and made modern soon. The Union Minister of State for Civil Aviation, General VK Singh has given this information while talking to News18 Hindi.

General VK Singh said that the UDAN scheme will be expanded, small cities will be connected by air, so that the common man can travel more and more. At the same time, it will also be a priority to make the airport modern on development, so that people can be given facilities like big airports even in small airports. For this, the ministry has started preparations. Decisions related to this will also be taken soon. Many more steps will be taken to make the passengers comfortable.

766 air routes identified under UDAN scheme

According to the Ministry of Civil Aviation, 766 air routes have been identified under the UDAN scheme. With which small cities are being connected by air. So far, flights have been started on 307 routes under Udaan 1, 2 and 3. However, flights have been canceled on 87 routes due to technical reasons or non-availability of passengers. Under Udaan 4, 78 routes have been approved in the past. Under this scheme, 22 cities of North East are being connected with cheap air service.

Routes of Benefits of Udaan Planning

The most profitable route under the UDAN scheme is Delhi to Darbhanga, apart from this, a lot of passengers are also leaving from Darbhanga to Mumbai and Bangalore routes. On normal days, flights fly on these routes with a capacity of 98 percent. Along with this, more than 90 percent of the passengers on 18 routes in 220 routes and more than 60 percent on 145 routes travel on normal days.

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