When ‘Sadhana cut’ hairstyle became the reason for the fight between Sadhna and Raj Kapoor, read the story

Mumbai: Apart from acting in the Hindi film industry, Sadhana was one of the famous actresses due to her special style. Sadhna may not be in the world, but due to her special hairstyle ‘Sadhana Cut’, she is still alive in the hearts of fans. Even today, when a girl makes short cut hairstyles on her forehead, everyone remembers Sadhna. The actress also took special care of her hairstyle. Knowing how many fans and co-stars used to die on this style, but Raj Kapoor did not like it at all.

In the 60s, Sadhna cut hairstyle became famous only from Sadhna’s film ‘Love in Shimla’. Sadhna’s hairstyle became so famous that she became more known for her films and less special style for acting. When Sadhna got a chance to work in Raj Kapoor’s film for the first time, there was a rift. The reason for the rift between the two was their hairstyle. Even during the shooting of Raj Kapoor and Nargis’s famous super hit film ‘Shree 420’, Sadhna used to pay more attention to her hairstyle, Raj Kapoor did not like this.

Sadhna was seen as a chorus girl in the famous song ‘Mud-Mud Ke Na Dekh’ from this superhit comedy film. Raj Kapoor even refused Sadhna about her hair but she did not agree. One day Raj Kapoor got angry, he said that leave acting, go and settle down. Sadhna felt very upset about this, left the shooting in anger. After that they did not work with each other for a long time. After about 6 years, they will be seen together again in the film ‘Dulha-Dulhan’.

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The full name of Sadhna was Sadhna Shivdasani. Sadhna married the famous film director RK Nayyar. Sadhna ruled the hearts of cine lovers for a long time by acting brilliantly in films like ‘Parakh’, ‘Hum Both’, ‘Mera Saaya’, ‘Arzoo’, ‘Ek Phool Do Mali’, ‘Mere Mehboob’.

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