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Pithoragarh. For the first time in Munsiyari tehsil near the China border, the price of petrol has crossed a hundred. Petrol in Munsiyari is currently priced at Rs 100.03 per liter, while the price of diesel is Rs 92.82 per litre. Along with Munsiyari, the price of petrol is also close to a century in Joshimath of Chamoli. In Joshimath, petrol is available at Rs 99.76 per liter.

Petrol was being sold in Munsiyari for Rs 98.57 on July 3, but within nine days, the price has crossed a hundred due to the rise in prices. The price of diesel has reached Rs 92.56 per liter in Joshimath, Chamoli. The lowest petrol price in Uttarakhand is in Haridwar and Roorkee. Petrol in Roorkee costs Rs 96.91 per liter, while in Haridwar it costs Rs 97 per litre.

Inflation is also touching the sky due to the increase in the prices of diesel and petrol in the hilly areas. The Truck Owners Welfare Association is contemplating to increase the freight charges by 10 percent. Not only this, fruits and vegetables are also becoming increasingly expensive in the mountains. Fruits and vegetables are brought to the mountain from the plains only. Due to the increase in the prices of diesel and petrol, the fare of taxis has also increased. Taxi owners have increased the fare by 10 to 15 percent. Taxi union president Naval Kumar says that if the prices of petrol and diesel continue to rise like this, then they will have to increase the fare again unwillingly.

The rise in the prices of petroleum products has also spoiled the budget of the people’s household. Housewife Jaya Joshi says that for some time the budget of the house has deteriorated. With the rise in the prices of diesel and petrol, everything has become expensive. He has also requested the government to reduce the prices of diesel and petrol.

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