Who is accused of assassinating Haiti’s President Moises? used to call himself the messenger of God

Port of Prince. Jovenel Mose, the president of the Caribbean country of Haiti, was assassinated on 7 July after breaking into his home. The police have so far arrested 26 people in this case. In this, 63-year-old Haitian-American doctor Christian Emmanuel Senon is the main suspect. Christian Emmanuel Sanon is being questioned by the police. Time and again Sanon is calling himself the messenger of God. And saying that God sent him.

According to the news of The Guardian, Christian Emmanuel, a resident of Florida, posted the YouTube video in 2011. From that a lot came to know about him. In this video, he described himself as a doctor. Emmanuel went to the US in June on a private plane, where he played the role of a middleman between the plotter to assassinate President Moise and the hitman who killed him.

Haiti Police got a big success, one more person arrested in President’s assassination case

There was also talks with private security firm
Florida police said that Emmanuel had also negotiated with a private security firm, so that people could be recruited to carry out this conspiracy.

Drug Enforcement Administration’s cap found from home
The Drug Enforcement Administration’s cap has been found from Emmanuel’s house. The killers wanted to bluff by pretending to be a member of this administration. The police have also found 20 boxes of bullets and 4 license plates from his house.

Haiti: 26 Colombians and 2 Americans involved in the assassination of President Jovenel Moise, 4 suspects killed

Moise’s wife’s condition critical
Let us tell you that Moise became the President of Haiti in 2017. He was at his home in Port au Prince on 7 July. A trend attacker entered the residence and opened fire on them. Bullets were also fired at his wife. Moise died and his wife’s condition is critical. Moise’s wife has issued an audio message from the hospital. In this, she said that she would continue the fight for Moise.

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