Why did Naseeruddin Shah speak about Dilip Kumar? ‘He left no important lesson for future actors’

Mumbai: Bollywood’s veteran actor Dilip Kumar is no longer in this world. At the age of 98, he said goodbye to this world on 7 July 2021. His fans are still disappointed with the departure of Dilip Kumar Passes Away. Dilip Kumar was called acting school in the Bollywood industry. Every artist who stepped into the acting world was inspired by him. Recently, Naseeruddin Shah has reacted to Dilip Kumar’s rudeness. Naseeruddin Shah says that he too looked up to the late actor like any other cinematographer. No one can replace Dilip Kumar in Indian cinema.

Talking about Dilip Kumar, Naseeruddin Shah has raised a question, he says- “Was his example as a star worth emulating. Hindi cinema today is completely steeped in star centricity.” Indian Express In an opinion piece written for, Naseeruddin Shah emphasized how Dilip Kumar’s expressions did not adhere to the norms of ‘fake theatrics, fanciful voices and frequent handshakes’.

He writes- ‘His enchanting calmness and impeccable chivalry set a benchmark for good acting in Indian films. His moves and gestures were not understood by his teammates and even the people who came after him, although many tried to copy his style, but all failed.

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Naseeruddin Shah further writes in his piece- ‘It is clear from the condition he was in that he not only acted, but also could not engage adequately in social works, which were close to his heart. He never took advantage of his experience, never bothered to groom anyone and, apart from his pre-1970s performances, didn’t leave any valuable lessons for future actors.’

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