You also have this 1 rupee note, so you will get 7 lakh rupees, know how?

New Delhi: Nowadays many people are fond of collecting old notes and coins. If you also collect old notes and coins, then now you can easily become a millionaire. 26 years ago, the Government of India had discontinued the one rupee note, but its printing was resumed in January 2015, after which this note came in a new avatar in the market, But today we will tell you about one rupee note even before independence, through which you can earn up to 7 lakh rupees.

Let us tell you that you can bid for these notes on the online website. Out of this, up to Rs 7 lakh has been bid on one note. Let us tell you about the specialty of this note-

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What is the specialty of this note?
The specialty of this note sold for 7 lakh rupees is that it is the only note before independence, which is signed by the then governor JW Kelly. This 80-year-old note was issued by British India in 1935. It is not that every note on eBay is so expensive, there are some notes which are also available at a low price. One rupee note of 1966 is also available for Rs 45. Similarly, a 1957 note is available for Rs 57.

You can also earn from bundle of notes
Apart from this, you can also sell bundles of notes. You can sell these bundles on eBay. In exchange for a bundle of 59 notes of the years 1949, 1957 and 1964, you can earn a full Rs 34,999. At the same time, from the bundle of one rupee note of 1957, you can earn up to 15 thousand rupees.

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A bundle of one rupee of 1968 is worth Rs 5,500, the special thing is that there is also a note number 786 in it. Shipping for most note orders is free, while some are incurring shipping charges of up to Rs 90. Payment has to be made online only, there is no cash on delivery option.

Let us tell you that at this time there are many such websites where old notes and coins are being bought and sold, if your old notes and coins are according to the set conditions, then you can get very good money.

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