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aThe world of nimation is also amazing. The ‘King’ and ‘Shahenshah’ here are animals not men. He is such a big star here that even Salman-Shahrukh or Amitabh cannot match him. ‘Tom and Jerry’ is the ‘Supreme’ star of this field. It will not be wrong if he is given the status of the hero of the century in the world of animation. After all, for more than 80 years, they are ruling the hearts and minds of the audience. Their authors are William Hannah and Joseph Barbara. Who is known as ‘Hannah-Barbera’. July 14 is William’s birthday. So, we will remember Hannah and talk more about her immortal characters ‘Tom and Jerry’.

As a child, a story of a mouse and a cat was taught in the school’s Hindi books. Many rats lived happily in a house, eating and drinking a lot, having a lot of fun. One day the landlord brought a cat home. What the heck came in the house, only the evening of the rats came. The cat snatched away all the peace of the rats who were living comfortably. The cat used to live in the house with pleasure, drank a lot of milk and would eat a couple of rats every day. Troubled rats called a meeting. The chief of rats explained the situation and asked for suggestions on how to get rid of this cat. Nobody was understanding anything. Then a young mouse stood up and said, ‘Let’s do one thing, tie a bell around the cat’s neck.

We will be alerted by the sound of the bell and run away. Hearing the suggestion, the whole hall erupted with applause and sound started coming from all sides. ‘Wow-wow, what a wonderful suggestion,’ after listening to the suggestion, the rats felt that now they would get rid of this evil. Then an elderly mouse said, ‘The suggestion is good, it is effective too, but tell me one thing, who will tie the bell around the cat’s neck. The snake sniffed the meeting. The silence spread, all the happiness was washed away in a moment. Neither had the answer to this question, nor the courage to ring the bell. Everyone was silent. Then the sound of the cat’s arrival was heard and all the rats went and hid in their burrows.

Hannah and Joseph were upset by the ratsWilliam Hannah and Joseph Barbara were so upset by this misery of rats that they even made a short animation film series in support of rats, which appeared in front of the audience in the form of Tom and Jerry. Ai Bhi Aisi Ai Ke Jaane Ka I am not taking my name, neither my heart nor my mind. Its old episodes are still making a splash even today. We will talk further on all the merits of Tom and Jerry, but let us tell one feature here that even after seeing the same short more than once, its fun does not diminish. That’s why even though Tom and Jerry’s production stopped in the middle, its viewership remained intact, even if it was more or less.

An interesting question is asked about Tom and Jerry, which of these two is more bloodthirsty. Mostly the answer is Tom. But what really? If you look carefully, you will come to know that Tom is poor with his work but Jerry teases, provokes and harass him again and again, only then Tom gets angry on him. Most of the bullying is initiated by Satan Jerry. The million dollar question is why? Why do people have so much sympathy for the devil mouse?

Actually there is human psychology behind it. Human nature is such that it always stands on the side of the weak and against the strong. Be it film or real life. Now since the cat is strong and the rat is weak, people are always on the side of the mouse. That’s why Jerry is the favorite of the audience. But on the other hand Tom’s fans are also not less. It’s this paradox, made effortlessly and agreeable, by the writer-director duo of William Hanna and Joseph Barbara. That’s why this show of a series of very fast, interesting, interesting and exciting short films has been ruling the hearts of the audience for so many years. Interestingly, cartoon shows are generally liked by children, but Tom and Jerry’s fans include children, old people, young people, everyone. This is really awesome.The story of the struggle between Jerry and Tom
From the point of view of the reviewer, what is its plot. Nothing ? A mouse disturbs the cat, she runs to catch him. Sometimes he gets caught, sometimes not. Even if it is caught, it is released. Yes, sometimes their friendship is also visible, especially when external trouble comes on them. Almost the same story in the same location. what’s new ? If we see from this point of view, only new incidents will be found in the name of new.

But, Jerry’s innocuous antics and his quest to escape from Tom get so engrossed in the show that he doesn’t even know when the time has run out. Here again the imagination and creativity of Hanna-Barbera have to be praised. Who introduced this simple game of mouse and cat by making it the biggest show in the world. A show from which no one can get away from its infatuation, does not even want to be left.

There are also some helping characters in the show. Including Tom’s girlfriend, Bulldog and mistress ‘Memy to Shoes’. The allegation of casteist discrimination regarding the color of Memi also implicated this series in controversy. Later its face was not shown. The lower part of the face and two shoes were shown. Face was shown in one episode. Several full length movies have also been made related to this subject. Liked too, but not as much as the show. This film came in 1992. It was not silent like the show. There were two friends in this and also used to dance and sing. The movie was definitely liked but it could not prove to be a box office hit.

A live action movie on Tom and Jerry is released in February 2021. Who has also done good business. The film is directed by Tim Story and written by Kevin Costello. It was released by Warner Bros. Pictures.

That’s how this series started
The story dates back to the 1940s. William Hannah and Joseph Barbara used to work in the animation company MGM (Metro Goldwyn Meyer). He was asked to make an animation short film. As a result, Puss Gets the Boots came out. The film garnered a lot of praise but the company decided not to pursue the series as they did not think the mouse-cat characters would be liked further. But when it got the nomination for the Akademi Award (Oscar), it was understood that something amazing had happened.

In 1941, together with producer Fred Quimby, Hanna-Barbera produced a short film. The series was named ‘Tom and Jerry’. The subtitle of the first short was ‘The Midnight Snake’. It was decided that the mouse and cat should be given a new name. For which there was a contest in the company and a reward of $ 50 was also given to the person who suggested the name. This is how the name Tom and Jerry came into existence. It is a different matter that these names had been used in a film earlier, but then they were the names of human characters. The names of Tom and Jerry in the first film were Jesper and Jinx.

In the era when this series was created, the only places for performances were theaters, whether it was a full-length film or a short animated movie. Oscar was a big name even then, it is still today. But then getting the Oscar was a big deal, far from being nominated.

‘Tom and Jerry’ is not just considered a great art work. It received 14 nominations between 1940 and 1954 and won 07 Oscars. From 1941 to 1958, the Hanna-Barbera duo created, wrote and directed a total of 114 shorts. Between 1961 and 1962, Gene Deitch created Tom and Jerry Shorts after Hanna-Barbera left MGM in 1958.

Later, between 1963 and 1967, Chuck Jones composed 34 short films for the series. Jones made changes to both the characters. More in Tom than in Jerry. The Tom and Jerry show, produced by different production houses, did not have the same thing that was in Hanna-Barbera’s creation. After a long gap, Hanna-Barbera returned to the MGM company in 1975, and by 1977 had produced 48 short films with a duration of seven minutes. Despite frequent intervals, Tom Jerry kept going because he was liked because of his repetition value. These were amusing. There were also effective ways to reduce stress. Its ability to relieve stress made it a classic.

When Tom and Jerry appeared in new avatar
Filmation Studio worked on it from 1980 to 1982. Tom and Jerry appeared in a new avatar in 1990 and the audience saw their childhood. This series of ‘Tom and Jerry- Kids’ lasted till 1994. Later, this company came under the ownership of Warner Bros. and they made a series under the name ‘Tom and Jerry-Tales’. In between, Hanna-Barbera also set up her own TV production studio and made cartoons for Scooby Doo and Yogi Bear.

William Hannah was born on July 14, 1910 in New Mexico Territory. Due to the job of his father William John, his family used to live in different places. He was the third of seven siblings. After leaving college, Hannah worked as an engineer, also worked in a car wash company. On the advice of his sister’s lover, he joined Hermann & Ising Studios. Who made the series Looney Tunes and Meri Melodies. It was here that his drawing talent came to the fore. Hannah was with him when Hermann-Ising founded MGM in 1933. In 1936, Hannah got the opportunity to direct the first cartoon. He later teamed up with Joseph Barbara and directed Puss Gets the Boot in 1940. In the pair, Joseph Barbara oversaw the story and pre-production work, while William Hannah supervised the direction and animation.

The hardest thing in the world is to make people laugh. This pair of Tom and Jerry has been doing this difficult task for a long time, hopefully will continue to do so. My brain is tired as I write, let’s freshen up a bit, let’s see Tom and Jerry. What’s your opinion?

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