Central employees will get great news before Dussehra! Salary may increase by Rs 7750 per month

New Delhi: If you are also waiting for your DA hike, then the central government can pay it soon. Central government employees can get the gift of increased DA before Dussehra. It is believed that by the end of September, three installments of DA can be paid in your account.

The DA of the employees was frozen last year, but according to the recent meeting, by the end of September, you can get the payment of three installments of DA. Along with this, DA Arrear can also be available for July and August.

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According to the National Council of JCM Shiv Gopal Mishra, the meeting regarding DA was held in the month of June, in which it was agreed that by the end of September, the employees would get the benefit of their stuck DA. That is, with the salary of the month of September, you will get paid in all three installments.

How much will DA increase?
Talking about the increase in DA, at present employees are getting DA at the rate of 17 percent. At the same time, if we add the last three installments to it, then you will get 28 percent DA. Let us tell you that in this 4 percent DA of January 2020, 3 percent DA of June 2020 and it is 4 percent in January 2021.

Apart from this, it is believed that you can also get the benefit of DA of June 2021 and the figures of increased dearness allowance have not been released in June 2021. This data may be released soon. According to AICPI data, dearness allowance may increase by 3 percent in July as well. So in this way, your total DA will become 31 percent, which can be paid to you at the end of September.

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Know how much will the salary increase?
Under the 7th Pay Commission, 31 percent DA can be added to the salary of central employees. If your basic salary (minimum salary) is Rs 25,000, then you will get the benefit of 31 percent DA on it. That is, 31 percent of Rs 25,000 in your DA will be Rs 7750. Let us tell you that the salary of all the employees will be different according to their pay scale, so you can calculate it according to your salary.

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