Competition to start your business in Corona era, record increase in registration of companies in June

Mumbai . Different effects are being seen in every area of ​​the corona epidemic. Due to the injury on jobs from Corona, now people want to start their business fast. In this era of epidemic, a record increase has been registered in company registration.

According to the data of the ministry, a total of 16 thousand 662 companies have been registered this year in June 2021. There has been an increase of 26 percent in the registration of companies in a time-lapse of one year. This shows that despite the second wave of the pandemic, people have shown more interest in becoming businessmen.

Maharashtra tops in registration

Maharashtra is one of the states most affected by Corona, yet the maximum number of companies have been registered from Maharashtra. A total of 2,521 companies have been registered from Maharashtra in June. Uttar Pradesh is at number two with the registration of 1,325 companies. Delhi ranks third in terms of registration of companies, a total of 1,293 companies have been registered here.

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Record registration in June as compared to May

According to the data of the ministry, there has been an increase of 16.7 percent in company registration in June as compared to May. Of the total companies registered in June 2021, 12,722 are new companies and 3,940 are limited liability partnerships. In June last year, 13,227 companies were registered. This included 10,954 new companies and 2,273 limited liability partnerships.

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Highest number of registrations in the service segment

According to the data of the ministry, in June 2021, the highest number of 29 percent companies have registered in the business service sector. In this 3,684 companies have been registered. On the second number, 20 percent companies have been registered in the manufacturing sector. 15% of the companies have been registered in the health and social work sector. Only 7 percent companies have been registered in the agriculture sector.

More than 13 lakh active companies in the country

According to the ministry, more than 21 lakh companies have been registered in the country so far. In which only 13 lakh 76 thousand 366 companies are active. Most of the other companies closed due to different reasons. Some companies are currently not active due to legal procedures. The business service sector is at the top among active companies.

According to the data released by the ministry, one lakh 47 thousand 247 companies were registered in the last financial year 2020-2021. In the last financial year, 11,037 new companies were registered in agriculture and allied sectors, 6,934 in health and social work sector, 9,514 in wholesale trade, 6,689 in retail trade.

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