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Shayari: In the world of Shero-Sukhan too, every emotion has been beautifully carved on paper. Whether it is about love or any other issue in the society, the pen has been raised. Everything has been beautifully narrated in Shayari. This is the reason that more than one Kalam passes through our eyes from the poets. In which there is also unhappiness and there is also a feeling of love. Today, a few beautiful words are being presented from such invaluable works of poets. Such words of poets in which it is about the heart. You too can enjoy these savvy kalam…

I am tired of the gatherings of the world or Lord
Is it fun when Anjuman’s heart is extinguished?
allama iqbal

It is equal in Ulfat to be Wafa or Jafa.
There is shame in everything if there is fun in the heart
Amir Meenai

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What is the reason for the desolation of the heart
This city was looted a hundred times
mir taqi mir

Heart is neither hope nor failure
It is long the evening of sorrow but it is only the evening
Faiz Ahmed Faiz

your heart can’t be equal to my heart
It can’t be a mirror, it can’t be a stone
Daag Dehlvi

Whatever you sit in the aspect, then sit carefully.
Dil-e-Detaab has a habit of going crazy
Jalil Manikpuri

We put our heart to the chest, could not become our own
You smiled and saw your heart become yours
Jigar Moradabadi

how life will be
heart is not feeling in love
John Elia

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The heart is also mad that it is related to that person
One who does not let anyone else’s hold his own
Ahmed Faraz

You weigh your hearts on the scales of wealth
We stitch love with love
Sahir Ludhianvi

Tell me to go somewhere else with these dreams
Where is there so much space in Dil-e-Dag-Dar?
Bahadur Shah Zafar

I am the heart, I am lonely
you would be nice too
Firaq Gorakhpuri


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