Five lessons from the world’s famous book Rich Dad Poor Dad, which changed the lives of millions

New Delhi . Many people must have heard about the world famous and bestseller book Rich Dad poor Dad. It is generally said about this book that if you want to become rich, then first of all you should read this book. American businessman Robert Kiyosaki (robert t. kiyosako) wrote this book 25 years ago. But its relevance is still the same or has increased.
You can guess the popularity of this book from the fact that this book, written in the year 1997, still sells on smoke base. This book has been published in more than 50 languages ​​in more than 100 countries. So far, more than four crore copies have been sold.

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In this book Kiyosaki talks about two fathers. One about his own father and the other one about his best friend’s father. Kiyosaki says that his father was a PhD, who is a poor dad in this book. Secondly, his best friend’s father is a businessman who is the reach dad in this book. Through this story, Kiyosaki takes forward the idea of ​​becoming rich.

Let’s know five things to learn from this book that have changed the lives of millions of people.
1- don’t run away from challenges
Kiyosaki’s first lesson is not to run away from challenges, but to see and transform them as opportunities. Medill Class Family teaches our children from the very beginning that we cannot afford this thing, we cannot afford that thing. Therefore, children feel from childhood that there are many such things which are out of their reach. At the same time, children in Rich Family are taught that if they want expensive things then how can they afford it.

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If you yourself say something that we cannot afford, then you eliminate its possibility. And stop even thinking about it. At the same time, when you think that how can I afford it, then your mind also starts forcing itself. Starts looking for new avenues. So you can also create wealth for yourself.

2- How much net worth is more than earning, it is important
Kiyosaki says that even though his father was a PhD, he did not have much money left in the month end. At the same time, his friend’s father i.e. Rich Dad had studied till high school. But all his focus was on building and acquiring assets. He had all the information about him.
For example, suppose you earn one lakh rupees a month and save 5 thousand rupees. At the same time, the other earns 50 thousand but saves 20 to 30 percent of the income and builds assets. In the long term, the person earning 50 thousand will have more wealth wealth. Meaning earning is so important, saving and creating wealth from that savings.

3- It is necessary to take risk
The third thing this book teaches is that it is necessary to take risks. Children in the middle class family are always discouraged from taking risks. If it is about money then it is said that do not take any risk. Kiyosaki says if you want to become rich then you should learn to take risks. If you want to create wealth then you should take calculated risk. Slowly you learn risk management.
The middle class has less ability to bear losses, whereas rich people also suffer losses. Rich people take risks and make mistakes and learn. Then don’t repeat those mistakes.

4- Educate yourself in personal finance –
Kiyosaki writes, we should know at least four basic things about personal finance –
1 – Basic Accounting – We can read, understand the financial statements of the company.
2 – Investing – We can increase our money by investing.
3- Financial Markets Must know the basic rules of.
4- Taxes – We should know things related to tax. So that we can save the money we are earning.
Many times it happens that some people are rich but slowly they lose their money. The main reason for this is the lack of financial education.
5- Work for yourself –

Kiyosaki says that you cannot create wealth by working for other people all your life. An employee spends one month’s hard work for one month’s salary. At the same time, the employer focuses on extracting manifold from the salary he gives to the employee. Therefore, what a man earns in a job is always less than his real value.
When you do your own business or work for yourself, then no one else has any share in your income. There is no ceiling on income. The more you earn, the more you will be able to save, the more you save, the more assets you will be able to acquire and the more wealth you will be able to create.

It is not necessary that all the things mentioned above apply to your life. Things vary according to the time, situation and environment. We can just take some inspiration from this book, which can help us move forward.

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