Kareena Kapoor Khan caught in controversies over ‘third child’, know what is the matter

Mumbai. Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan recently surprised people by mentioning her third child. Not only did he make this announcement on social media, but he also shared the name of his third baby with the fans. Now due to the name of her third child, Kareena seems to be in trouble. Kareena had announced her book (Pregnancy Book) with the fans. In this book, she has shared the experience of her pregnancy. This book was called the third child by Kareena, whom she named ‘Bible’. All India Minority Board has raised questions regarding this name.

Actually, Kareena Kapoor Khan recently announced her ‘Book Kareena Kapoor Khan Pregnancy Bible’. The All India Minority Board has protested for the name of this book. According to media reports, Diamond Yusuf, chairman of the All India Minority Board, organized a meeting at the cemetery located in Chunniganj, Kanpur. In this event, Kareena opposed the name of her book, Pregnancy Bible.

The board has condemned keeping this name. In this meeting of the board, it has been agreed to file a case. In such a situation, the board can soon file a complaint against the actress keeping in mind the legal aspects.

Let us tell you that Kareena recently shared a video on social media, in which she is standing in the kitchen and takes out her book from the baking tray. Sharing the video, Kareena wrote- ‘This is my journey. Both My Pregnancy and My Pregnancy Book Bible. Some were good days and some were bad. Some days I was in a hurry to go to work and some days it was difficult to even get out of bed. This book is very close to my heart as I have written about my physical and emotional experiences during both my pregnancies.

Along with sharing her personal experiences, Kareena has also incorporated the opinion and approval of professional doctors and experts to help other pregnant ladies with their experience.

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