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Khandani Pakore Wala: Whenever the weather becomes pleasant, drizzle of rain falls from the clouds, the cool breeze cheers up the mind, then the mind has its own flight, but the body starts shaking for pakoras. In this season, if you have hot pakodas, along with sour-sweet chutney and sips of tea, then life will start looking satiated at that time. So today we are going to show you the taste of hot pakodas. There is a variety of pakodas in the shop. The special thing is that the style of selling pakodas there is unique.

Green chili dumplings are available for Rs 5 and paneer dumplings are available for Rs 20.
This shop is located in Sarojini Nagar area of ​​South Delhi and the name of the shop is ‘Khandani Pakoda Wala’. Now let’s talk directly about the dumplings. There are about 15 varieties of dumplings, some of which are seasonal, such as Pataud (Arabic leaves), Bitter gourd, Sweet corn, Lotus cucumber etc. The dumplings sold daily include paneer, soya bread, potato, onion, spinach, cabbage, green chili etc. Various varieties of pakodas are fried in the shop. When these pakodas come out of hot oil, the whole atmosphere becomes pakodas. The price of paneer and soya pakodas in pakodas is Rs 20. All the rest are priced at Rs 16 per piece. Yes, spicy chili dumplings are sold for just Rs 5.

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Dumplings are sold in a different way
Pakodas are sold in different styles at this shop. Different varieties of pakodas are fried and kept in a counter. Name the dumpling you like. You will find hot pakodas of your choice in a paper plate. A special box of green chutney is kept outside the counter, pour the chutney from it and enjoy the chutney on the bonnet of the car on the seat of the scooter or in your hands. If you feel like moistening your throat after eating spicy pakodas, then almond milk shake is available for 50 rupees. There is also a great facility for packing. If you take these pakodas home, it is natural that the family members will definitely give you blessings.

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Pakodas are being sold since 1962, reins in the hands of the fourth generation
Pakodas are being sold in the ‘Khandani Pakoda Wala’ shop since 1962. Also know where this shop is located. On the Ring Road from Dhaula Kuan towards Lajpat Nagar, a road on the left turns towards Sarojini Nagar. At the very beginning of the market built on its corner, there is a shop of pakodas. Initially, Balaram started selling pakodas. After that his son Kanhaiya Lal took over this work. Then his two sons Omprakash and Vijay started working. Now Omprakash’s son Prateek (Vicky) is also handling family work together. The shop hours are from 10 am to 8 pm. There is no holiday. That is, whenever you want, ‘Khandani’ pakodas can be eaten. Sweets are also available in the shop, but the bet is in the hands of pakodas.

Nearest Metro Station: Bhikaji Cama Place

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