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Monsoon Makeup Tips: It is not easy to do makeup in the monsoon season. Due to heat and rain, no makeup on the face lasts and starts spreading. In such a situation, you have to touch up again and again. But if you are out in the outdoors and the makeup has to last for a long time then it seems like no less than a nightmare. Because even if it gets wet in the rain that all the makeup gets spoiled. In such a situation, many times embarrassment has to be raised. If you are also worried about this problem, then here we are telling you some tips, with the help of which you can use makeup in the rainy season and enjoy the monsoon. Let’s know how.

1. Use Water Based Moisturizer

Oil-based moisturizers can make your face more oily during the monsoon season, which can make your makeup look bad. In such a situation, it is very important to use moisturizer to take care of the face and keep the skin hydrated. In such a situation, always use a water based moisturizer.

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2.Powder Based Makeup Beneficial

Use foundation and concealer as little as possible on the face during rainy days. Instead of these products, you should use foundation powder or compaq etc. This will make your makeup last longer and give a matte finish look.

3.Eye Makeup Special

If your skin is more oily then you should not apply eye liner. During the rainy days, the liner gets spread which can spoil your whole look. If you have to apply, use a water proof liner.
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matte lipstick is best

During rainy days, lipsticks tend to spread quickly due to moisture and sweat. In such a situation, the use of matte lipstick can be best for you. Matte lipsticks do not spread quickly on the skin and they also stay on the lips for a long time.

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