surpassing india indonesia became new stronghold of coronavirus in asia

Jakarta. The delta variant of the corona virus found for the first time in India has now caused havoc in Indonesia. Indonesia has become the new stronghold of Corona in Asia, leaving India behind. In Indonesia, the figures of corona virus infection are crossing 40 thousand for two consecutive days. Officials have warned that the delta variant is now spreading rapidly from the densely populated area of ​​Java to other areas.

According to the Japanese newspaper Nikkei Asia, 47,899 new cases of corona virus were reported in Indonesia on Tuesday. Indonesia’s Health Minister Boodi Sadikin said that beds are still empty in many hospitals across the country, but due to the outbreak of delta variants, cases of corona infection are very high in many provinces.

Israel became the first country to apply the third dose of the vaccine, the decision was taken because of the delta variant

There has been a severe shortage of oxygen these days amid the Corona epidemic in Indonesia. Like India, there is a long queue for oxygen in Indonesia too. The situation is so bad that people are dying in their homes in the hope of oxygen.

Boodi said, ‘The delta variant is currently limited to Java but now we are spreading its cases in other areas like Lampung, East Kalimantan, South Sumatra as well. We have increased our surveillance in these areas.

Most cases of corona in India in Asia
However, if we talk about the total number of corona virus cases, then India still has the highest number of corona cases in Asia. So far 4 lakh 10 thousand people have lost their lives in India due to this epidemic. After this comes the number of Indonesia where 68 thousand people have lost their lives.

Delta variants increased trouble in America
About 49% of the US population has been fully vaccinated, while 77% of the population has received at least one dose. Even after this, corona cases have started increasing in half the states. The maximum number of new cases have been found in California, Texas, New York and Florida. In 80% of the new cases, the delta variant of the corona is being cited as the reason.

Spread of delta variant of Kovid-19 will greatly increase cases: WHO

How many cases of corona in the world?
Corona cases have started increasing all over the world. On the previous day, corona report of 5 lakh 8 thousand 152 people came positive in the world. During this time 4 lakh 7 thousand 867 people defeated the epidemic and 8,102 people also died due to infection. The number of new infected is the highest in the last 45 days. Earlier on May 29, the corona report of 5.01 lakh people came positive.

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