After Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos is going to go to space, New Shephard rocket will fly on July 20

New Delhi. Recently, Richard Branson, the head of Virgin Galactic, traveled to space. Now Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest person, is also going to travel to space. Bezos will join a spacewalk to be launched by his company Blue Origin on July 20.

Bezos, who started Amazon as an online bookstore and made it a shopping giant, will begin his space journey on Blue Origin’s New Shepherd rocket. This Shepherd aircraft of the company will take off at 8 am local time on July 20.

The launch site of this flight is located in the West Texas desert, about 40 km from the nearby city of Van Horn. The event will be streamed live on before the flight starts.

18 year old boy will go on space journey with Bezos

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