Back and back pain due to work from home? get rid of this

Tips To Get  Rid Of Back Pain: Due to Corona, people have been doing work from home for a long time. Although some people have been allowed to go to the office after the havoc of Corona has eased a bit, but still a large number of people are doing work from home. This system is considered to be much better to prevent corona, but there are a large number of people who are facing problems like back and back pain due to work from home. You can try the methods mentioned here to reduce this problem.

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choose the right chair

While working from home, people are facing the problem of back pain and back pain the most. In fact, due to continuous bending work on the computer for a long time, there is a change in the shape of the spine, due to which back and back pain starts. To avoid this problem, it is important that you sit on a chair that supports the waist while working. So that the spine remains in its natural shape. If possible, you can also keep a pillow on the chair to support the waist.

sit in the correct posture

To get rid of back and back pain, it is also important to sit in the right posture while working at the table. This pain also bothers a lot due to sitting incorrectly. So try that when you are working sitting on the chair, your feet should remain flat on the ground and your back should be straight. Also, keep in mind that the back of the knees should not touch the chair as this can put pressure on the blood vessels.

Set up computer monitor correctly

While working on the computer, you should also keep in mind that the monitor should be set up correctly. Care should be taken that the monitor should be kept at a distance of about one foot from the eyes. Also, keep in mind that your eyes are level with the upper part of the monitor. So that you do not have to raise your head too much or tilt it down to see the monitor. In fact, bending the head down puts pressure on the back of the neck, which causes pain in the spine and back.

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Keep taking breaks in between

To avoid the problem of back and back pain, it is important not to sit continuously for a long time and keep taking breaks in between during work. Get up from the chair, walk around for a few minutes and keep stretching the muscles. So that the blood circulation remains correct in all parts of the body. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions. Hindi news18 does not confirm them. Before implementing them, please contact the concerned expert.)

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