New Zealand’s luxury boat will run in Srinagar’s Jhelum, know what is special

New Delhi. If you are planning to go to Jammu and Kashmir, then the plan to go for Shikara tour will definitely be included in your mind. Now add bus boat to this list as well. This is because now you will also see the luxury bus boat from New Zealand in the Jhelum river. The Water Transport Authority of Jammu and Kashmir has brought the first imported luxury boat to cruise on the Jhelum River with an aim to revive water transport in Kashmir.

The 30-seater ‘bus boat’ is undergoing trial runs in the Jhelum river between Lasjan and Chattabal Weir on the outskirts of Srinagar from July 10 this year. Marine equipment supplier firm Sukhnag Enterprises has commissioned a 10-12 seater luxury pontoon boat and a 14 seater rescue boat in the Jhelum river apart from the “bus boat”.

Imran Malik, director of Sukhnag Enterprises, said that the bus boat was purchased from a New Zealand-based company named Mack, while the luxury pontoon boat was shipped from the United States. The aim of this new developmental step is to revive the decades old water transport culture in Jhelum river which is one of the identity and heritage of Kashmir.

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such facilities
Imram Malik told ANI that this boat has been made keeping in mind the present needs of the people. It has air conditioning, music system and television. The boat’s driver Gautam Bosley told that it is a fiberglass boat. It is a glass fiber boat with all the amenities. An additional advantage is that a conference-like meeting of 10-12 people can be held inside the boat.

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