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Different Ways To Use Candles : Do you know that the broken candles present in the house can be used to make our work easier? Yes, after burning once, if you throw away the candles, then let us tell you that even after burning it, it can be used in many things. These lit candles can make many of your tasks easier, for which you have to work hard. So let’s know here how you can use them in your hacks to make your difficult tasks easier. know how.

1.Aids in removing rust

If iron doors, windows are rusted and there is a problem in opening and closing them, then you can use a candle to remove this problem. First of all, melt the candle in the door and window where there is rust and leave it for some time. After that open and close the window and door repeatedly. These will become clear. You can also clean old locks and keys in this way.

2. Shoe Polish

With the help of candle, you can shine your old shoes. For this, first of all, clean the shoes thoroughly with a clean cloth. After cleaning, rub the candle on the shoe. After rubbing, polish them with a brush. Your shoe will shine like new. If there are scratches, they will not be visible either.
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3.Fix Zip

If the zip of your pants, purse or bag is damaged, then you rub the candle on the other side of the zip and try to close it. By doing this your zip will be fine and it will start shrinking again as before.

4. Remove furniture scratches

If you have wooden furniture in your house and there are marks on them or any sharp object has been stained, then you can use a candle to fill these deepest marks and make them shine. For this, clean the furniture and rub the candle well on the marked place. After rubbing, polish there with a brush. The marks will disappear.

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