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Dehradun. Col Kothiyal and Yuva Morcha President Digmohan Negi held the first meeting of the Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP) Yuva Morcha working in Dehradun on Sunday. Many office-bearers of the Yuva Morcha participated in this meeting. In this meeting, three important resolution resolutions were unanimously passed by the Yuva Morcha for a better future for the youth of the state. AAP Yuva Morcha President Digmohan Negi said that the first of the three proposals was resolved to commit for Uttarakhand Navnirman. According to him, the dream of Uttarakhand Navnirman will be fulfilled with full zeal and dedication under the leadership of Colonel Kothiyal. And Uttarakhand of the dreams of martyrs will be made. For which every member of the Yuva Morcha will fulfill his responsibility well.

In this meeting, the members of Aam Aadmi Party Yuva Morcha took a pledge of commitment for Nav Nirman and said that the agitators here have sacrificed their everything to achieve the state of Uttarakhand. More than forty martyrs made sacrifices. Twenty years after the formation of the state, today it is in bad shape due to the misrule of Uttarakhand BJP-Congress. Today another movement is needed to bring the state out of this predicament. This movement will prepare the way for ‘Uttarakhand Navnirman’ against the misrule of BJP-Congress for twenty years. Aam Aadmi Party Yuva Morcha today takes a pledge to dedicate everything for Uttarakhand Navnirman.

Yuva Morcha takes resolution of all kinds of struggle
At the same time, AAP Yuva Morcha President Digmohan Negi said that the second resolution was taken on the strong support of strong land law to save the identity of Uttarakhand. In which AAP Yuva Morcha will strongly support the demand for ‘strong land law’ in the state to save the identity of Uttarakhand. During this, he said that it is very important to save the land of the state to save Uttarakhandiyat. The first right on the water, forest land of the state is the basic right of the people here. To protect this right, it is very important to have strong land laws in the state today. For this, the Yuva Morcha takes a pledge of all kinds of struggle.

. PCS exam not held in the state for five years
After this, the third resolution of the Youth Front was taken to fight against unemployment and give rights to the youth, in which the AAP President said that today the question of unemployment in Uttarakhand is for lakhs of youth. It’s a question of their future. At the time of the state movement, the people here had dreamed of employment at every home, but in 20 years, the BJP-Congress made this state the first place in the country on the unemployment front. Today lakhs of capable youth are unemployed in Uttarakhand. But the government does not care about their future. Many examinations are hanging even after the releases, applications. The PCS examination was not conducted in the state for five years. Thousands of posts are vacant in government departments, but in the name of employment, only and only deception is being done with the youth. Today, the Aam Aadmi Party Yuva Morcha also resolves to struggle for the right of employment to the youth of Uttarakhand.

is expecting a lot
During this, Colonel Kothiyal said that youth is full of energy and this youth can change anything with his hard work and dedication. He said that if we use the energy of these youths properly, then these youths can become Dr. Kalam later. At the same time, in this meeting of AAP Yuva Morcha, AAP in-charge had also reached, who took a meeting of office bearers including Yuva Morcha President and during this he said that Aam Aadmi Party is a party of youth. Most of the people in this are young. And we talk about issues. And the youth is sitting with great expectations from us.

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