After Dogecoin, the co-founder of Ethereum also left the cryptocurrency industry, know the whole matter

Cryptocurrency and controversies are closely related. Be it its cost or its use. Jackson Palmer, the co-founder of cryptocurrency Dogecoin, criticized the cryptocurrency industry a few days ago. Now Anthony Di Lorio, the co-founder of Ethereum, the world’s second largest cryptocurrency, has also announced his exit from the industry. He said that he is taking this step due to personal safety concerns.

48-year-old Canadian citizen Anthony D’Iorio has been living under the security team since 2017. “There is a lot of risk in the crypto industry and I am not interested in taking that risk. I don’t feel safe in this environment. Had I focused on the bigger issues, I think I would have been much safer. He said that he would shy away from crypto startups and would no longer invest in any blockchain projects.

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how much is net worth

However, he declined to disclose his net worth or crypto holdings. But according to Forbes, his net worth was $1 billion in February 2018 and the value of Ether has more than doubled since then. The assets that Di Aorio plans to sell include Decentral, the software development company that makes the digital asset wallet Jaxx. He says that he has already talked to potential investors about this.

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D’Aorio came into the limelight in 2018 when he won the St. Bought an apartment in Regis Residences. For this, he made some payment in cryptocurrency. He started Ethereum together with other people in 2013. Currently, the market value of Ether is around $225 billion. His statement about separating from the crypto industry comes days after Jackson Palmer’s statement.

Palmer’s statement was discussed

Dogecoin co-founder Jackson Palmer took a jibe at the cryptocurrency industry a few days ago, saying he would no longer return to it. He tweeted one after the other about his decision, saying that cryptocurrency is a right-wing, gross capitalism technology. He said that its purpose is to increase the wealth of the rich by ignoring the rules of tax evasion.

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